Saturday, May 20, 2006

Science Narrative

This blog is dedicated to "Science Narrative". This isn't Science Fiction, though sometimes one might use narrative forms borrowed from SF in order to talk about issues involving science or the scientific community while introducing a mild spatio-temporal dispacement in the narrative as an artifice. We will occasionally comment on some SF works, where deemed relevant to our narrative, but certainly SF is not the main focus. Nor are we talking about LabLit, an interesting literary genre consisting of fiction inspired by the actual functioning of the scientific community (labs, universities, conferences and all that). Again, we might occasionally comment on some work of LabLit, but that's not our main focus. What is then "Science Narrative"? It is, or would like to be, in between the technical scientific literature and the literary form of narrative, without sacrificing the first for the second. This blog itself is an attempt to construct a science narrative, and many of the books that will be commented upon are part of what we would like to consider under this label. Labels are very loosely defined in general and we would like to maintain the ambiguity without trying to force a precise definition. As far as science goes, for reasons of personal taste, we will concentrate mostly on Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, and Cognitive Science. Narrative does not mean fiction. The style of narration in this blog will follow, as blogs are generally meant to do, the life of the blogger. I am an itinerant scientist of sorts. I hold simultaneous academic positions in North America, Europe, and Asia, without being a native of either one of the countries involved. I've completely lost sight of my own place of origin: it's somewhere south, a place with long sunny days and scorching hot summers. I am on the road more often than not. I've been in three different continents per month on average in the past year, and hopefully I've got some stories to input in this ongoing narrative.

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